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Kimberly Maxwell

"What inspires me every day is my dedication to my clients- their needs, goals and expectations. The transformational impact that one of my treatments can have on the confidence and self-esteem of a client fills me with pride and drives my passion to deliver the best and longest lasting results making their beauty investment completely worthwhile. I am licenced in Montana as well as Oregon. I have had training in Texas, Los Angeles, Seattle and extensive apprenticeship in Portland. I will be forever learning and improving in this industry. I reside in Billings Montana where my studio is located in Renaissance Salon and Spa."

At Infinite Beauty we perform elegant permanent cosmetic treatments using a variety of techniques. Kimberly is experienced using a tattoo machine to create a dazzling look that is very effective and long lasting. The Softap™ hand method is a specialized approach to cosmetic tattooing which utilizes uniquely designed implements to gently implant eyebrow, eyeliner or lip pigment into the skin.

Either method produces radiant, enduring results.  We are meticulous about every treatment we provide and will take the time to assess your skin and your goals carefully before recommending the best course of action for a treatment to amplify your natural beautiful features.

In addition, we also offer a treatment that has become widely known as a safe, non-invasive and comfortable solution to both male and female pattern hair loss.  Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP creates the illusion of hair follicles on the scalp, eliminating the “shiny” appearance of scalp skin where no hair grows.  SMP is amazing for producing appearance of density for balding clients

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