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Lip Treatments

Lip blush is a service offered to get your lip shape back or intensify the overall shape which in turn can make the lips appear bigger and fuller. Some are looking to achieve more symmetry and get back some of the color loss we all deal with over time. This requires at least one touchup at 5-8 weeks that is included in the price as well.* If you have any  history of cold sores or fever blisters I suggest you take an antiviral medication for 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after the procedure to help the healing process.  We do our best to keep the clients numb through the entire process with a topical anesthetic. A 6-8 week touchup is included in the price and is needed to perfect the desired result. With the lips you can expect to loose some color after healing so this is where the touchup comes into play.  

Lip Liner $350

If you are just wanting to get the shape and outer edges of the lips enhanced, the liner may be sufficient.

Lip Blush $450

Lip Blush is both the lip liner and the full lip.  The pigment is blended into the liner and is the look of lipstick or colored lip gloss. The undertones in the lips and skin tone play a part in the pigment colors we use to achieve the look the client is looking for long term. After the healing process color settles into the skin and all that is needed is a clear gloss or aquaphor to hydrate the lips for the best result. After care is again very important to follow. 

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