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Eyeliner Treatments

Enhance Your Eyes With Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an amazing service that will be  time saving and can really simplify the makeup routine! Clients are  numb from a topical anesthetic before we start any eye service.(See more link to the new page). Like with all tattoo procedures, following aftercare is very important for through the healing process for the best end result. This is perfect for  people of all ages, and skin type, maybe you have a makeup allergy, do not  have a steady hand to get that nice crisp line or eyes don’t see well to achieve what you want, permanent Eyeliner is worth perfect for you!

Lash Enhancement $350

Description of the service -the lash enhancement is done with a tattoo machine and pigment tattooed into the lash line. This is a very subtle and natural service and helps shape the eye and make the eyelashes appear fuller and darker. A 5-8 week touchup is included in the price. This may need maintenance but will last many years.

Natural Eyeliner $450

Is added above the lash enhancement and can be a little or a lot to suit your desired effect. We customize the pigment colors to compliment your skin tone, hair and eye color.

Exquisite eyeliner $450

Can be a bold wedge or wing on top of the lash enhancement and the shape is pre drawn and agreed on before we start. 

Color Stacking $475

is when the artist used more than one color for the exquisite eyeliner. An example is a black on the lash line, and black for the eyeliner and a blue or teal above the black. It is an eloquent way to bring out the true colors of your eyes.

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