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At Infinite Beauty, we enhance the shape, color, and overall appearance of the brows using the latest techniques. This can give our client a more youthful look or help with what has been lost due to medical conditions and aging.  We use a tattoo machine to intensify shape, color, and overall appearance to achieve the look you have in mind. We can also help by intensifying shape, and color to achieve a specific look.  Enhancing your brows to achieve a specific look, or simply bringing back what has been lost due to age or medical conditions with a cosmetic tattoo treatment can take years off of your appearance and save time with your makeup regime! Great for alopecia clients, makeup allergies, you can wake up with makeup every time! 

Powder Brow $450

 A technique where a tattoo machine or softap tool is used to shape, darken, enhance the overall brow color and shape. This type is a great choice for most people no matter age or skin type. Client will always help in the decision of color choice and shape for all brow types before the procedure is started. As the brows heal the color will settle into the skin.  A touchup included in the price is required in 5-8 weeks and there after maintenance every 2-3 years.  

Hair Stroke Brow $450

We do not offer microblading, but instead offer hair strokes with a machine that is easier on the skin, less maintenance time and is the best result for more skin types and age of more clients.   

After brow shape is drawn in and approved  a machine and very small needle will be used to tattoo what will  appear to be delicate hairstrokes to imitate  the existing brow hair and pattern. This will settle into the skin and have a very natural look. As we age it is normal to lose hair and color. This is a great choice for most who want to achieve the natural look and takes the place of microblading. Hairstrokes done with a machine can be suitable for most ages and skin types. A touch up included in the price is required and then a maintenance visit every 2-3 years for most.      

Combo Brows $450

Description of the service –  After shape and color is agreed on we do a combination of hair strokes and light shading of the powder brow for a beautiful effect.      All brows are customized for each individual for the best healed results!   

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